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Preamplifier Envoy (a net price 3,514.00)


 2) ENVOY Preamplifier: Sound Quality and Technical Specifications

I would like to explain briefly, not boasting.

ENVOY Preamplifier interprets music with vivid sound quality without hardness, and with breeziness rather than graveness.

Music is expressed with wide open sound without frivolousness.

Although my words are concise, this is the most honest explanation as well as my promise to customers.

Although this product is reasonable, even cheap, its sound characteristics will make nay audiophiles who are currently using any high-end audio systems fall for the attraction of Apollon Audio. ENVOY Preamp is the starting point of the fascinating journey to fantastic sound.

This product supports the CR-type equalizer Phone EQ, and the balanced input single jack for the line-in. This balanced input is supported by the equipped transformer, the highest technological achievement and the pride of Apollon Audio, which we have developed on our own.

A caution when using the balanced input is that the sound images pursued by Apollon Audio are realized only after the amount of signals corresponding to minimum 100 hours of use has entered the balanced input.

Please keep this in mind, and use our audio system. You will find yourself enjoying the clearly evolving sound.

The output of this product ENVOY Preamp supports the balanced output and the unbalanced output, and only if you use only one of these two functions, the loss of sound will not occur.

Please avoid a mistake of connecting to both the balanced and unbalanced outputs when you use it. It must be absolutely avoided.

You should use only one of the two outputs. In addition, after you plug a line in one of the two outputs, you should put the toggle switch for selection between the balanced and unbalanced outputs on the correct position that you want to use. Only when these are correctly done, there will be no loss of sound. If the loss of sound occurs, you need to check the position of the toggle switch first.


Preamplifier Envoy (a net price 3,514.00)
Input Impedance 47k Ohms unbalanced 600 Ohms balanced
Input Sensitivity 150mV
Rated Output Power
Output Impedance balanced XLR 600 ohms , unbalanced RCA 47K
Output Voltage
Frequency Response 20Hz ∼ 50kHz +/- 0.4dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -107dB
Hum and Noise
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement 12AU7 4pcs , 12AX7 3 pcs
Tube Complement
Power Consumption 40W
Optimum Tuning
Operating Voltage 220V
Dimensions 380 wid 110 high 320 mm deep
Net Weight 18kg
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