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Amazing Shoes

**** Amazing Shoes ****

Let us introduce you to amplifier and speaker shoes in another level.

Composition of shoes

Aluminum main body with the air cushion system/steel bearing/processed stainless article with both sides concaved/silicon ring/grease.

As materials are another level, the performances are also another level after they are made into the audio system.

Not only do Amazing Shoes block the incoming vibration from the surroundings, but also they absorb and eliminate the vibration in general, playing a revolutionary roles in enhancing the sound quality.

When an audio system generates a sound signal and transforms it into the colorful real sound, it is affected considerably by vibrations.

Some audio systems are so peculiar that even placing the vibration-absorbing or blocking product on the separate shoes does not make a desired effect.

The material for the product shown in the drawing and the picture is aluminum for the main body with steel bearing. The concave-type part is at the center of the shoe, which is made of stainless steel to accommodate the sharp spike supporting the amplifier or speaker.

Silicone ring that produces the air pocket

The air pocket has a function of air cushion to support the silicone ring as the latter carries the load of the product. The bearing is designed to move the product on the shoes by 0.1 mm horizontally in all for directions. This movement causes vibrations generated inside the audio devices or speakers to flow onto the bearings, and during this process, grease functions to eliminate vibration. To compare the logic with everyday object, the flour on the sieve will still be on the sieve if it is not shaken.

I am sure you have understood it well and I will explain further about the function.


The function of grease acts as a lubricant to smooth the bearings (although not accurate statistics, the bearing makes hundreds of 0.1 mm movements to all four direction per second allowing the vibration inside the device to flow out). balances the concave-type stainless steel parts, and absorbs vibrations as well.

The name of this product is Amazing Shoes, and when adopted under speakers, both the low- and high-pitched sound ranges are clearly expanded.


Amazing Shoes
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