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Power Amplifier Envoy KT-150 (a net price 5,606.00)



ENVOY KT-150 Power Amplifier employs the interstage transformer for the first time not only in Korea but also in the world, and thus, this amplifier realizes the highest quality sound color and sound images by maximizing the breadth and sensibility of sound that the vacuum tube can express thanks to the interstage transformer. (Since we developed and commercialized interstage transformers with our own technology in 1991, we have improved the technology for over 30 years, and been using our own interstage transformer as the core part of Apollon audio systems.) My words simply fail to express the actual sound that ENVOY KT-150 Power Amplifier creates. Its sound will do the talking in a big time.

Apollon’s first product that employed the interstage transformer was launched in 1991, and we have developed and improved the technology strategically. Now, our own interstage transformer is adopted in this product as well, and the new ideal of KT-150 vacuum tube will make history in the future owing to Apollon Audio Systems.

ENVOY KT-150 creates vast soundscape and explosive energy beyond the imagination of everyone who seeks the ultimate sound, captures leisurely and tranquil feeling and offers classy sound images for classical music, sublimating the highest quality of music.

Koreans have a deep-rooted bias against Korean products.

This bias of audiophiles in Korea has been stimulating me, and my tenacity for evolution to perfect sound reproduction has been hotter than the blast furnace day after day.

When Korean audiophiles experienced the fullness of music sound that ENVOY KT-150 was making, their bias just evaporated without traces, and they have developed utmost affection for Apollon. Their affection has been only getting larger and larger.

Your bias as Korean people gave a birth to today’s Apollon, which has come to fruition with ENVOY KT-150. I assure you it is making history in the world of audio systems.

If I explain the characteristics of its sound quality in a word, it is that the product will drastically change the concept of sound, and its incredible sound wave captures the highest details while not going over the point of stimulation. Please get ready to enjoy the highest quality musical puzzle.

The current in the output tube of this product is controlled randomly, and the product is designed and coordinated such that our recommended current is set when the analogue indicator needle stands at the middle position of the analogue meter. When you replace the output tube, it is essential to adjust this before using it again. (See the separate tuning guideline instruction for details.)




Power Amplifier Envoy KT-150 (a net price 5,606.00)
Input Impedance 100K ohm
Input Sensitivity 1V
Inputs RCA
Rated Output Power 70 WHTT 70 WHTT
Output Impedance 4Ω 8Ω 16Ω
Output Voltage
Frequency Response 20Hz~~20Khz +/_ 1.5 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 93dB
Hum and Noise 0.0004 VOLTAGE
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement E80CC VT-137 KT-150
Tube Complement
Power Consumption 350 WHTT
Optimum Tuning
Operating Voltage 220V
Dimensions 420 / 430 / 420mm w,H,D
Net Weight 35Kg
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