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power amplifier noble 838 (a net price 11,548.00)

The output of this product, Noble 838, is 40 WART and has the A1 CLASS output type.

The power amplifier with the A1 CLASS adopting the 838 vacuum tube is unique in Apollon’s products.

If you search for the 838 vacuum tube data, you will find that the output type of the 838 vacuum tube is C Class.

Using the same vacuum tube, Apollon is presenting the output type as the A1 CLASS.

Then, is Apollon Audio making a false announcement?

Do we have to ashamed of this?

No, because we are producing a perfect A1 CLASS power amplifier, which highlights our Apollon Audio techonology.

In this product, the interstage transformer is employed, which was developed in 1992 and has evolved over time, and after technological progress, today, it is designed to evolve sound according to the frequency of use. Now, we are maximizing its completeness in this product.

Please remember the Apollon Audio’s steadfast promise that our products bring joy and freshness every day better than luxury systems even though the price is reasonable and cheap.

If we paradoxically interpret out promise of giving freshness every day, it means that if you leave the product without listening to music, the sound quality will go back to what it was like when it was first released (It is as if even loyal fans who love a famous artist will turn away from the artist if the artist is lazy without practicing every day.) So, please remember and keep that in mind.

If you decide to enjoy music with Noble 838, you will experience the evolution that the scent of sound deepens and the sound image blooms splendidly every day.

This product is designed for sound evolution to continue endlessly.

Why is the evolution of sound perpetually continuous?

It is the fruit of the intended technical features of the Apollon Audio transformer and comes form combination of selected and intended wiring.

This product is a combination of mono + mono, and has the output of A1 CLASS. Created with Apollon’s unique output type A1 CLASS, the Power Amplifier Noble 838 has the world’s only output type. The leading component of Noble 838 making its sound is the transformer, and the number of transformers used for each channel to develop the A1 CLASS output type is eight.

Silicon steel lamination core, nickel alloy lamination core and nickel alloy cut core are rigorously selected and used as the materials for the core. The total length of the enameled copper wires coiled around eight transformers is 3,722,400 centimeters, and the experiment to maximize induced electromotive force has been carried out for 31 years, maintaining our original intention.

The error of inductance of the left and right transformers produced to be equipped in this device has a range of 0.02%.

Thanks to the unique technology of Apollon Audio, the world’s first A1 CLASS type could be created by employing an 838 vacuum tube, and the strong durability also realized.

Transformers, 100% self-designed and self-produced by Apollon Audio, are the core component of realizing the ultimate sound. Although being and A1 CLASS product, the product is designed to precent the loss of life that can occur in transformers due to prolonged use even if it is used for 18 hours every day in a living space at room temperature of 25.

The interstage transformer used in this product, which is considered a heart in the human body, completely digests and transmits the audio frequency on its own without any auxiliary device (the interstage transformer that transmits at the audio frequency without time constant correction is the core technology of Apollon Audio.)

Components that play a key role in optimizing sound color, sound tension and sensitivity are transformers that Apollon Audio designs and manufactures.

In addition, to maximize the breath of sound, 99,999% silver wire is employed for tuning, and to maximize the S/N ratio as well as the breath of the instrument itself, which is the outcome of ultimate optimized tuning, the start and end of the ground wiring are wired into a single line without cutting.

The type of wires include silver wire, tin wire, and copper wire.

The components of the wire, the selection of the wire thickness and the arrangement of these wires have been made on the basis of our long experience in development of vacuum tube audio products and sound tuning for the past 31 years.

What speakers to recommend to pair with the Noble 838 Power Amplifier?

With the high-efficiency speaker, our product reproduces the ultimate sound with extreme S/N ratio, and with the low-efficiency speakers, it has absolute control and outstanding resolution.

This product is hipped after completing various inspections in the warm-up process for aging with music of various genres for at least 300 hours after production.

If the product is released without the aging process, you will be disappointed at the poor sound.

Let us explain the functions for each position located on the back of the device.

The position placed at the top left of the product in the photo serves as a controller to adjust the current of the output vacuum tube. The current must be adjusted when the output vacuum tube is replaced. When adjusting the current, first, you select the current position on the rotary selector arranged third from the left when looking from the rear of the device, and then, turn on the power amplifier.

After that, you should look at the position of the analog meter to check that the indicator needle of the analog meter is at the center.

If the indicator needle of the analog meter is at the center, it means everything is normal. If it is out of position, you should unlock the current controller located on the rear left side and turn it very delicately so that the indicator needle of the analog meter goes to the center (caution: You must not touch the hum balance controller. Absolute caution is required.) Then, you need to return the lock of the current controller to the lock position and check whether the indicator needle of the analog meter is fixed at the center. If it is in the intended position, now you select the rotary selector M1/M2/M3. 1/2/3 is the sensitivity of the signal.

If the rotary selector is in the current or bias position, the music signal is blocked.

If the analog indicator needle is in the maximum output position upon the music signal, you should select the M3 position.

Or if you do not like the movement of the analog meter that responds to music signals, then you select BLANK. We recommend that you consult a professional engineer to adjust the hum controller placed second from the left. The toggle switch for selection of RCA & BALANCE has a function to select the input source cable. If both cables of RCA & BALANCE are plugged into input terminals. it may cause sound quality loss and the loop hum. It is designed to select and use only one of the two.

power amplifier noble 838 (a net price 11,548.00)
Input Impedance 600 Ohms , 100K Ohms
Input Sensitivity 800mV
Inputs balanced , unbalanced
Rated Output Power 40 WATT
Output Impedance 4Ω 8Ω 16Ω
Output Voltage
Frequency Response 1 WATT 20Hz ~~~ 20Khz +/- 0.3dB 20 WATT 20Hz ~~~ 20Khz +/- 1dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -95dB
Hum and Noise 0.0001V
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement 12AX7 E80CC 1626 8**
Tube Complement OC2 80
Power Consumption 250W + 250W
Optimum Tuning Bias electric current is practicable to make free adjustment from mini 130mA to maxi 170mA and is set at 150mA When delivering good
Operating Voltage 220V
Dimensions 420 wide ×360
Net Weight 34Kg +34Kg
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