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Let us introduce you to Noble Photo Amplifier 3.

If you are looking for the best phono amplifier in the universe regardless of price, please focus after you get rid of any hint of bias in your mind to purify your listening ears.

Amplifier LCR Phono, which has been developed and launched as the triumph of Apollon Audio’s 33 years of technology, proves the making of the ultimate sound to audiophiles who are pursuing the ultimate phono amplifier to enjoy music, and offers beautiful design and strong durability as bonuses.

No matter how much I explain to you about the fantastic features of this product with nice words, it reveals only 40% of the true nature of this amplifier.

Although my explanation is helpful only for partial understanding of this beautiful product, I will still try my best to convey you the information of the composition and features of the product.

Composition of the product

The head amplifier responding to MC cartridges of various brands is developed and adopted to realize the ultimate sound. Standing at the peak of the ultimate sound, this product uses 15 nano-alloy transformers to optimize the ffrr/RIAA frequency response for the purpose of maximizing the sound quality.

The input supported by the head amplifier output employing vacuum tubes is composed of MC LOW 1 channel and MC HIGH 1 channel.

In order to realize the ultimate sound from the output sound generated by the MC mono cartridge has been developed and employed to respond optimally to various mono cartridges. As optimum response, this product supports the input of mono cartridges with the input resistance of 50, 80, 110, 150 and 200 ohms.

MM INPUT 1 Channel is employed.

Apollon’s ffrr/RIAA curve correction module LCR network can correct the ffrr/RIAA curve with the unrivalled accuracy. For such ultra accurate ffrr/RIAA curve correction, our LCR network uses a specially ordered nickel alloy nano-core to optimize the ffrr/RIAA curve optimization, and when the data of inductance needs to be adjusted in order to maximize the data of the induced electromotive force in the LCR network, the constant inductance may be adjusted to allow its maximization as well as the hyper-precise fine adjustment for the purpose of left and right pair matching. This is the LCR network of the highest caliber with unprecedented technology in the history of audio systems.

Therefore, after the assembly of the Noble Phono Amplifier, the regular random control is possible if necessary while adjusting the electromotive force randomly, and this enables the ultra precision of a 0.2% deviation between left and right channels. These LCR functions are only possible with Apollon’s technology.

The perfect LCR network achieves the extremely high optimization with an error of less than +/-1 dB in the ffrr curve and RIAA curve.

We are pursuing the ultimate sound, and promise you that this product is for you who love luxury audio systems. My explanation only give some of the advantages of our audio system, and while you are actually using it, it wilil open wide the new world of music spontaneously. Even if you paly music at the live volume, our Apollon Noble Phono Amplifier does not make any noise and hum at all.

Noble Phono Amplifier 3 has tons of other fantastic features, unexpressible 60% by words, and if you do use it more and more, the secrets will reveal themselves one by one, and you will enjoy delightful symbiosis.

**** Amazing Shoes ****

Let us introduce you to amplifier and speaker shoes in another level.

Composition of shoes

Aluminum main body with the air cushion system/steel bearing/processed stainless article with both sides concaved/silicon ring/grease.

As materials are another level, the performances are also another level after they are made into the audio system.

Not only do Amazing Shoes block the incoming vibration from the surroundings, but also they absorb and eliminate the vibration in general, playing a revolutionary roles in enhancing the sound quality.

When an audio system generates a sound signal and transforms it into the colorful real sound, it is affected considerably by vibrations.

Some audio systems are so peculiar that even placing the vibration-absorbing or blocking product on the separate shoes does not make a desired effect.

The material for the product shown in the drawing and the picture is aluminum for the main body with steel bearing. The concave-type part is at the center of the shoe, which is made of stainless steel to accommodate the sharp spike supporting the amplifier or speaker.

Silicone ring that produces the air pocket

The air pocket has a function of air cushion to support the silicone ring as the latter carries the load of the product. The bearing is designed to move the product on the shoes by 0.1 mm horizontally in all for directions. This movement causes vibrations generated inside the audio devices or speakers to flow onto the bearings, and during this process, grease functions to eliminate vibration. To compare the logic with everyday object, the flour on the sieve will still be on the sieve if it is not shaken.

I am sure you have understood it well and I will explain further about the function.


The function of grease acts as a lubricant to smooth the bearings (although not accurate statistics, the bearing makes hundreds of 0.1 mm movements to all four direction per second allowing the vibration inside the device to flow out). balances the concave-type stainless steel parts, and absorbs vibrations as well.

The name of this product is Amazing Shoes, and when adopted under speakers, both the low- and high-pitched sound ranges are clearly expanded.



Input Impedance Multi
Input Sensitivity Multi
Inputs unbalanced RCA 4 Chenal
Rated Output Power
Output Impedance balanced XLR 600 ohms , unbalanced RCA 47K
Output Voltage
Frequency Response ffrr/RIAA correction curve network LCR network 40Hz ~~~20Khz ffrr/RIAA correction curve +/_ 1dB ffrr correction curve network LCR network 40Hz ~~~20Khz RIAA correction curve +/_ 1dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio MM -105dB MC -98dB
Hum and Noise Signal to Noise Ratio MM - 105dB, MC - 98dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement 6CW4 8056 .12AT7 . WE417 . ML4
Tube Complement rectifier GZ34
Power Consumption 160W
Optimum Tuning
Operating Voltage
Dimensions 420 wide ×260
Net Weight main body 24Kg Power Supply Weight 12Kg
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