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Amazing (Reality) Preamplifier


’Amazing Preamplifier’ Features

Apollon offers a unique design philosophy, 3D sound quality and tone and also a beautiful hologram that is in its own class.

Apollon’s beautiful sound and design surpass all others.

To create an optimal sound, we used silver-plated Teflon wire for all of our Apollon products and the Amazing Preamplifier is equipped with a special, 36-step volume attenuator.

This special volume attenuator is square-shaped and 90mm in size. It uses a 5% carbon resistor and was developed using a micro measuring equipment to reduce the tolerance to 1%.

In our Amazing Preamplifer, there is an output transformer that works as the core of all sounds.

Out output transformer has evolved everyday for the past 35 years.

We promise you everlasting happiness and satisfaction for choosing our product.

The reason is simple. If you become the owner of this product and experience its sound, you will realize and understand that its sound gets better everyday.

The sound you will hear tomorrow will be better than the sound you hear today.

We have devoted out utmost efforts in planning and calculating to create this product and it is the product of Apollon’s unique, cutting-edge technology.  




With the goal of becoming the system for all our friends who enjoy listening to the ultimate in music, and the goal of achieving the ultimate sound we at UL Sound have been dedicated to the development of audio systems for the last 33 years and we promise that those who chose our sound systems have made the best decision and the music that is played using our product would be noticeably at a higher level.

The interstage transformer product we would like to introduce is being produced with the determination to realize ultimate sound, and you are looking at the preamp that is like the master of the universe, the Amazing Preamp.

Once you become the owner of this product you will overlook the price when enjoying this master of the universe.

All the transformers of this product are produced after having evolved over 33 years in Apollon and have an output transformer mounted in addition to the 7 transformers that double as having absolute value and function.

Developed with the goal of maximizing sound quality it comes equipped with 36 step volume that optimizes the sound even more and the wideband sound, the energy of sound that clearly differs in dimension, the energy of sound and the colorful light and texture of the music exists in a warm temperature allowing you to enjoy the life within the music.


<<< Question. Is is possible to get a refund if the product falls below expecteds? >>>


If after purchase any of our friends who purchased our product seeking the ultimate in music sound found the characteristics of the product fell below expectations we can offer a refund and after confirming that the product is not damaged in any way we can refund 100% of the cost.



<<< Question. What is the after sales service period and how can I apply for it? >>>


There is a 5 year warranty on the product after purchase.

But damage to the vacuum tube and other parts of the device can be repaired for a fee.

The shipping costs will be borne by the customer.


<<< Question. How do I go about best matching? >>>


The power amp of this product has a propensity to exceed the ordinary and has the balance input and unbalance input as its leading function, along with balance output and unbalance output which promises optimization.

Upper tones are especially good even with the transistor preamp.

But, ultimately we recommend that you choose the Noble Power & Amazing Power Amp because you can expect 10 times the results when compared to the price.


<<< Question. What are the disadvantages of this product's circuit? >>>

This product we are proud of at Apollon has evolved over 33 years into a flawless product.

The Apollon devices we produce and display have a deviation in data characteristics of 0.5%.

That is ahead of the products you have used up until now.

The choice is yours, but after choosing the Apollon you be fortunate to discover that we kept all our promises, not to mention the happiness of music that transcends time and space and crosses over into the 4th dimension.


<<< Question. How durable is the product? >>>


We guarantee the product will not be strained even if you use it every day for 23 hours.



<<< Question. How do I go about making a purchase? >>>


If you leave a product inquiry or purchasing inquire by accessing the online inquiries window and we will do our best to answer the questions of seekers of the ultimate sound.

All Apollon products are hand made. We can guide you though the purchasing process if you would like to make an order and we can explain the process if you are curious.



Amazing (Reality) Preamplifier
Input Impedance 600 Ohms , 100K Ohms
Input Sensitivity 150mv
Inputs balanced XLR , unbalanced RCA
Rated Output Power Nickel 66mm core
Output Impedance balanced XLR 600 ohms , unbalanced RCA 47k
Output Voltage
maximum 10 V
Frequency Response 35 Hz to 30,000 Hz +/- 0.5dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -95dB
Hum and Noise -108db
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement E80CC / 1626
Tube Complement rectifier 5y3
Power Consumption 40W
Optimum Tuning
Operating Voltage 220V
Net Weight 25Kg
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