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Preamplifier NOBLE II (a net price $22,594.00)



Noble 2 Preamplifier

Before explaining this product Noble 2 Preamplifier, for those of you who have an acclaimed preamplifier, we shall give you the luck to meet the Noble 2 preamplifier, a hidden treasure that gives you new dreams and hopes.

If you are using a preamplifier that is considered the best in the world, why don’t you own a Noble 2 Preamplifier.

Truly ultimate sound will be in your room.


****** Sound quality and sound image of Noble 2 ******

Check out the unique presence of the preamp NOBLE 2, the only preamplifier in the world that reproduces the masterpieces’ sound three-dimensionally and the sensibility of each instrument, as well as the unique vitality of the instrument only with the sound.

There are rules in the enchanting encounter with Noble 2.


Rules of the first encounter

After turning power on, inputting music signals and selecting the preamp input source position of the Noble 2 Preamplifier, you should dial up to the 10 o’clock position, and keep playing music continuously for 5 hours.

After 5 hours of playing music as above, you should then dial the volume of the preamplifier in the direction of 7 o’clock. Now you can turn electricity on in the power amplifier.


From the first bar of the meeting, the message interpreted by the composer unfolds in front of your eyes, guaranteeing a joyful experience that illuminates vou

If you want this experience, you should be able to listen to the inner sound of an instrument, which is separate from the sound intended by the player. To help your understanding, this is the delicate sound that is flowing along the instrument’s body like a very pale rainbow, and not audible if you do not empty your mind. No audio system in the world has been able to make this happen. To realize this sound, our product also requires 15 days of warm-up, at least four hours of music signal input per day after purchase, and only then, our audio system can always implement the sound.


If you stop taking care of the product, the function of this product will die out and you will need to repeat the warm-up to recover the magical sound.

If you preamp is one of the best in the world and boasts a high price of 100 million won, we can offer a trial service of the Apollon audio system without hesitation.

If you apply for a trial, the service is free of charge, but you must pay fo shipping (round-trip shipping will be charged)



Technical features of the product

Output Transformer Nickel Amorphous Core

Input Transformer Nickel Amorphous Core


Hard Wiring: In order to improve the sound quality and compensate the sound excellently, 99,999% silver wire, special bronze wire and tin plating wire are placed at every important points like placing wire rods. This design is adopted based on the results of countless experiments.

For completely independent power supply to the left and right, as well as full-time operation for 24 hours, we developed a large-capacity power transformer and produced it by hand, which is mounted on the product.

The vacuum rectifier tube is adopted independently on the left and right for the purpose of blocking the source of pulse noise, and the resistance of DC power supply is minimized to faithfully lay the foundation for the realization of the ultimate sound.

For heater supply of the output vacuum tube, the choke transformer is also adopted to supply a DC voltage, so the current is driven with minimal loss of energy.

The preamplifier does not have a fixed output. It is designed to allow the user to select random adjustment at any time from the minimum output 4V to the maximum output 12V.

Why is this function needed? The preamplifier responds with the best matching output voltage required by the power amplifier. We are the first in the world to release to preamplifier equipped with and output vacuum tube UX245.

The UX245 vacuum tube was produced in 1935, but there has been no history of being used as an output vacuum tube for preamplifier for the past 85 years.

After testing countless vacuum tubes, Apollon Audio, fascinated by its unique tone and sound, has developed the technology to adopt UX245 although we have had difficulties in its operation, and supply and demand.

Preamplifier Noble 2, the outcome of such endeavor or ours, dominates the world’s top products beyond Apollon Audio’s top-of-the-line preamplifier and it is right in front of you.

*** Cautions ***

Although this product has overwhelming sound quality, there are some cautions. ((It take at least 4 hours to warm up new products. It is only after 4 hours of listening of music that the product starts to make its usual fantastic sound. Since this warming-up is needed for at least 5 days, we will have warmed up the product for 5 days before shipping to the customers who have no prior experience of using our products.))

((The warm-up time will be reduced to 30 minutes after approximately 30 days if this is operated everyday for 5 hours. The advantage is that the more frequently you listen, the more your music evolves every day. With evolving music, you will feel a fresh joy everyday. Noble Preamplifier 2 promises a life of symbiosis by becoming a lifelike audio system and interacting with you touch.))


Preamplifier NOBLE II (a net price $22,594.00)
Input Impedance 47k Ohms unbalanced 600 Ohms balanced Nickel amorphous input transformer type
Input Sensitivity minimum 0.01V maximum 2V
Inputs Three Unbalance RCA stereo / Three Balance XLR stereo Nickel amorphous input transformer type
Rated Output Power
Output Impedance Nickel amorphous output transformer type balanced XLR 600 ohms , unbalanced RCA 47K
Output Voltage
Multi output from 4V to maximum 12V Adjustable Output Unbalance RCA stereo OUT Two Balance XLR stereo OUT One
Frequency Response 20Hz ~~~ 30 KHz +/-0.5dB / 35KHz +0.7dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Distortion output 5V -103dB at 1KH.
Hum and Noise -108db
Total Harmonic Distortion
Tube Complement E80CC / UX 245 One single channel
Tube Complement Rectifier Tube GZ34
Power Consumption 270W
Optimum Tuning
Operating Voltage 220V & 117V
Dimensions Main W 480 D350 H160 power supply W 480 D350 H160
Net Weight Including power supply 60Kg
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