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Our Apollon company is to continue to invest the majority
of revenue for technology development, we have owned
a lot of know-how that can not be secured in a small workshop.
Apollon company for sound reproduction close to live music, we put the emphasis
on the development of various transformer. Apollon company, not just customers
who are currently using our products, for future customers, committed to producing
more advanced products."The best of the core technology that it is possible to realize
the sound is a transformer of fabrication technology." It is to continue the technology
development to have confidence that. Currently, (as well as a step-up transformer,
until LCR phono amplifier) products that are produced in Apollo company,
we are confident that there is no absolute comparable target. The right side of the
photo, select a transformer that is produced in our company to random, for Cut the
body I am part of the coil.
Noble Series Action & Reality product is maximized preamplifier
the purity of sound quality with a perfect full-wave rectification technology.
In order to develop the Apollon's excellent transformer,
we have a study analyzing the fabrication technology of the
world-famous transformer company. The transformer
manufacturing techniques acquired inthis process
has been used to create a good acoustic device.
Transformer that is used in audio equipment that has been produced in our company I have used the input • output • power transformer that is produced in our company. However, trouble-voltage characteristics have shown tremendous value of 0.00002[V]. In the case of 500[mmV] output, because the error range in the frequency band of 20[Hz]~30[Khz] has the exact frequency characteristic of 0.5[db], artificial compensation device (feedback circuit) is not required.
Has been developed with its own technology "36 Step Attenuator Volume"
36 Step Attenuator volume is using the ultra-precision resistance
range of error in order to maximize the purity of tone is within 5[%].
Therefore, it is ultra-precision attenuator volume resistance error range of
step-by-step is 0.2[%]. This part, We have applied to Noble Series
Action & Reality preamplifier.
Characteristics of the 36 Step Attenuator volume
  • 1. Step : 36 Step
  • 2. Contact cross-sectional area : This is a contact cross-sectional
    area of the widest 5㎟ in the history of the world attenuator volume.
  • 3. Frame material : brass, zinc alloy
  • 4. Resistance value between the contacts : 0.002[Ω]
    (ultra-precision resistance value)
Evolving Apollon company
Apollon company, the most important parts to determine the sound has an emphasis on the development of the preamplifier to the belief that the preamp. For even already shipped product, and the latest technology will be developed, in order to provide the best sound to our customers, with a minimum of expense, and pleased to upgrade
your product. Our Apollon company I promise that continue to consider important corporate events should be sustained. 1987, and founded the company in order to achieve my dream and ambition, it is a manual winding machine that was purchased when I operate the Development Office in secret. This equipment is at with me the years of '30.