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Excellent driving ability and durability, is the pride of Apollon
All of the transformer which has been adopted in the power amplifier
of Apollon company, is what uniquely developed, was produced.
Transformer Apollon company has developed, has played an absolute
role reproduce the realism close to the live music by providing a rich
volume and high-quality sound with no distortion. If you look at the ten
transformers of performance that was used in the "Amaze power
amplifier", you will be able to estimate the potential for further
development of the Apollon company. Apollon company of the
transformer , boasts of Apollon of company.
High-tech technology for optimization of output tube
Noble and Amaze power amplifier are installed digital type meter in order to checking the hum of output tube and to be able to remove the hum. Also, after checking the amount of current flowing through the output tube, meter analog type that is used to optimize, located in front of the top of the amplifier.
1. The function of analog meter

Analog meter on the front of the amplifier is used to adjust the rotary selector and current knob on the back, We have been designed to be able to optimize the sound by adjusting the device. Analog meter of Noble series power amplifier has two functions as follows.
a) Sensitivity signal Rotary selector according to the volume(selection number : 1 to 3 times)
  • No 1 : sensitive reaction
  • No 2 : normal reaction
  • No 3 : dull reaction
b) The amount of current checking and optimal current adjustment function of the output tube
Selection number 6 of the rotary selector switch, check the amount of current flowing through
the output tube, the amount of current output tube is the ability to adjust to optimize.

(1) adjustment method
  • First,You select the No 6 rotary selector on the back.
  • Secondly,the amount of current checking and adjusted
    by operating the knob of the current knob left and right on the back.
(2) Color meaning of which is displayed on the analog meter
  • Black :current amount of the output tube is insufficient very
  • White :current shortage of output tube
  • Blue :optimal current amount of the output tube
  • Red :excess current amount of the output tube
If the analog of the needle is located in the black or white lines, and is intended to indicate that the current amount of the output tube is flowing missing. Therefore, We can resolution and density feeling may be lowered energy of the amplifier is insufficient. Therefore, you amplifier, resolution and density of the sound falls by the lack of energy. When the needle is positioned in the red line, than is current of the output tube is excessive flow. Therefore, the life of the tube is shortened and it is possible, of course, damage to the equipment. Needle, it will have to adjusted so as to be located in the blue line.
2. Function and method of adjusting
the digital meter of Noble series power amplifier

Digital meter is intended for checking and removal of hum of the left and right channels of the power amplifier. After the selector was selected No 4~5(left and right channels), to adjust the ham balance knob value of the digital meter attached to the front top of the power amplifier is located on the back of the amplifier so that the minimum value. Place the selector No to 4-5, you can adjust the knob of hum balance(located in the back of the amplifier) until the value of digital meter(located in the upper portion of the front side of the power amplifier) is the minimum value. If the hum occurs, advanced features to be able to delete the hum is installed.
Adjustment of Notes
When adjusting the Hum Balance No 4 which is selected by the rotary selector (left channel) or No 5(right channel), turn very slowly, the value of the digital meter will then adjusted to a minimum becomes. Resolution of the sound by adjusting the Hum Balance, you will be able to improve the contrast of sound quality and tone.
The finished word
The past 30 years, Our Apollon became exhausted the power for R&D of the transformer for the evolution of better sound. As a result, we have developed an inter-stage drive, that is the kind of transformer, we succeeded in that to maximize the energy of sound. It also has developed frequency smoothing compensation device is not necessary feedback circuit in order to improve the quality of sound. By applying the results that have been developed so far to Noble series of power amplifier, it is now to implement a data attribute of 0[dB] and dreams when the frequency characteristic 1[W] in 30[Hz]~20[Khz] band. In addition, the Company, the noise that occurs when you alone interviews were the basis, the SN ratio - 40[dB] when noise figure of 1[W], has realized the SN ratio - 30[dB] at maximum output. These data, for the world of audio is a characteristic of data that can not be found in, it is assumed that he does not trust this data. However, this attribute data, not the virtual, are reality of the data in the superior technology of Apollon.