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The history of Apollon began with the start-up titled Ultimate Sound in 1994
After 10 years of selling deluxe audio systems prior to start-up, we felt that luxury brand audio systems were products that were sold based on their brand and realized there was nothing out there that could reproduce the sound you would hear when listening to a private performance by a musician, and so we started the company with the mission of “Ultimate Sound,” meaning we start the company with the mission of providing positive sound.
At the same time as starting the business, we included economic factors for product development and mental factors and were absorbed in audio product development that can reproduce live sound.
For transformer development, regardless of country of origin we purchased the most distinguished transformer parts from around the world and have continually spent the past 30 years in analysis and searching thoroughly, and the result of this process was more than just failure or success, but rather a foothold upon which the evolution of sound could take place so that the sound produced is on par with live performances.
Based on such accumulated technology, in 2012, the LCR Phonoamp was born, in a class by itself.

The promise of Apollon to launch

One should thoroughly review user comments before purchasing an amp.
That way you can find out if the amp really reproduces sound on par with a live performance. Also, has the user considered the characteristics of the listening space when making the selection? The era where users can simply go with the famous brand has passed. You should go with an amp that expresses the anxiety and real details of the performance.
This is Apollon's promise. We will give you a 100% refund if you can find a comparable transistor audio or vacuum tube
amp for the same price.
Apollon is now planning an all-out product release for overseas users
as well as for users in Korea.

Apollon has obviously grown and we are confident that our vacuum tube amp possesses the unique and distinct characteristics and tone that you cannot find anywhere else whether in Korea or internationally.
The tenacious and ongoing research activity for a positive sound was made possible by users who enjoy listening to music and the result of the time accumulated searching answers to their questions has changed Apollon, and we will continue the process to search for answers to quench user's thirst.
Please remember the unchanging promise made by Apollon, and choosing Apollon will be your first experience with hearing real sound as if you were there, just as the conductor hears it.