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Our Apollon company welcomes your visit truly.

21 years ago, I founded the UL(Ultimate Sound) company with a passion that the ultimate goal is to create an amplifier that can most closely reproduce the live music. UL company receives encouragement and admiration of audio enthusiasts who participate in one of these my meaning, UL has grown steadily. Supported the growth of these UL company, not only domestic market, it was changed to Apollon the company name in order to advance to the overseas market. Apollon company will best efforts to develop technologies for output to the amplifier which can be reproduced sound close to live music. Manufacturing technology obtained in this process is reflected in the product, I will try to be able to provide the satisfaction and happiness to those who use the product of our company.
Apollon is not limited to current, we will continue the development and evolution,
Continue to ask for your support.
Thanks you.
Representative Choi Jangsu
Crystal | Stainless | Oak wood